STARLINK not only unites companies (e.g.: wood pallet manufacturers, goods and service providers) in the wood pallet manufacturing and distribution process, but it also exists to promote the standards and the requirements that must be respected throughout the manufacturing of wood pallets and shipping crates. The purpose of these standards is to institute the minimum quality requirements for the key types of wood shipping pallets.

  1. Two way , Double Deck, Flush, Non – Reversible PalletThis two way entry pallet has bottom boards to permit transporter and forklift truck handling. The wider spacing on the bottom of the amount of lumber and weight while at the same time retaining the physical advantages of double Decker pallets.
  2. Two Way, Single Deck, Flush, Non –Reversible Pallet.This pallet or skid is usually classified as a stringer pallet. Single deck means the pallet has only top deck boards and the tern Non – Reversible indicates that they cannot be used properly when turned upside down. Often referred to as skids, which are pallets with no bottoms deck boards, they are the most economic pallet to build and take up less space because they can be interlocked or nested during storage. They are useful for dense concentrated loads when bottom deck boards are not essential and type uses include dairy, paper, brick, sod and certain building materials that are not subject to crushing failure.