Square Containers

Model Type Dimension(mm)
    L B H
D006 20 Ltrs Square 285 250 390
D005 25 Ltrs Square 277 262 445
D010 35 Ltrs Square 320 292 472
D017 20 Ltrs Square 276 251 400
D004 50 Ltrs Rocket 400 334 570
D021 30 Ltrs Square 330 302 418
D022 27 Ltrs Square 335 292 380

The packs are 100% leak tested and undergo extensive quality tests during and after manufacture and can be decorated with customer’s Self Adhesive Labels or Screen Printed to Customer’s designs in multiple colors.

The Closures for the packs are Injection Moulded in-house and can be fitted with the customer’s Induction Heat Seal wads if required.

20 litre -50 litre
Square containers for filling chemicals, oils, acids, alkalies, etc.
Space-saving design that enables maximum utilization of space during transit.



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