Open Head (TOP) Plastic Drums – 150ltrs

  • Manufactured from high quality HDPE.
  • Standard color: Drum: blue (RAL 5010)
  • Closure systems: Injection-molded MPS covers made from stress-/crack-resistant HDPE, gaskets made from PU foam or EPDM sponge rubber, zinc-coated clamping ring

Exterior height: 965 mm
Exterior diameter: 503 mm

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NOVA STARLINK’s open-head plastic drum is also known as an open-top plastic drum, for the simple reason that the top lid can be completely removed. Open-head plastic drums can be left open-topped (with no lid), or sealed with a secure lid and fastenings for transport or storage purposes.

This style of the plastic drum comes in a wide variety of different sizes, ranging from small 30-litre drums through to large 210-litre models. Open-head plastic drums are durable, resilient, and strong enough to hold hazardous waste.


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