Tight (CLOSED) Head Steel Drums

• Cold-rolled thin sheet
• Welded shield flattened welding seam at both fold and border areas
• Bottom and lid with triple safety seam. Two rolling hoops, additional reinforced hoops available on request
• Processing of varying material thicknesses: 0.8mm – 1.2 mm
• Safety bung fittings on opposite sides of the top
• Inner surface protection: plain steel or lacquer-lined, prepared for the filling goods by a stability test
• Exterior: coating in the color of your choice, solid or multiple colors, tops and shells of corrugated tight-head drums can be screen-painted
• Special designs available on request

Exterior height: 884 mm
Exterior diameter: 585 mm

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NOVA STARLINK Tight head drums, also known as closed head or 1A1 drums, have a non-removable top. One can only access the container via a 2” and ¾” plug in the top of the container.

These containers are used for the transport of liquid hazardous goods in UN packaging groups I, II, and III.

On a tight head drum, the head is an integral part of the drum construction — both ends are flanged and permanently sealed. Because of the limited access to the contents, tight head drums are often used for liquids, especially lower viscosity liquids.


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