Open Head Steel Drums

• Cold-rolled thin sheet
• Welded shell flattened welding seam at the fold and border area, bottom with triple safety seam
• Two rollings, additional reinforced hoops available on request
• Processing of varying material thicknesses: 0.8mm – 1.2 mm
• Completely removable lid, available upon request with safety screw, on opposite sides of the lid. Gasket ring of cellular rubber. Additional filling holes available on request.
• Clamp-ring of the galvanized hoop with lever lock
• Inner surface protection: plain steel or lacquer-lined, prepared for the filling goods by a stability test
• Exterior: coating in the color of your choice, solid or multiple colors
• Special designs available on request

Product Reviews:
Exterior height: 880 mm
Exterior diameter: 605 mm

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NOVA STARLINK open head drums also called 1A2 drums to have a fully removable cover secured with a Lever lock or bolt ring closure.

Open head drums are used for a wide array of contents. NOVA STARLINK’s lever lock closure drums are UN rated for solids and liquids, particularly thicker liquids such as soil absorbents, syrups, glues, oils, etc.

Open head drums are typically used in situations where people need access to the contents, either for frequent addition or extraction.


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